Who are Moshi Moshi?

Moshi Moshi is established by two Japan experts, but is currently managed by only one of them. In the course of years, we constructed a database with specialists in the field of our services to handle every order as efficiently as possible. Here you can read some more about the background of the people who started Moshi Moshi. René is the one who, in close consideration with you of course, pick whoever is most qualified to carry out your order; or who will, as is of course possible, carry it out himself.

Those who are registered as freelance translators at Moshi Moshi all have different areas of expertise. They are, of course, all experts in the field of Japanese language, but they are often skilled in many other areas as well. Think for instance about specialists in the field of classical Japanese, modern literature, the legal area or modern mechanics and media; also people who are not only fluent in Japanese but in other languages like Chinese and Korean. This makes it highly unlikely that we cannot carry out your request however specialized it is.

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Rene Lourens

René Lourens (39) started studying Japanese Language and Culture at Leiden University in 2002. During his studies he spent 2.5 years in Japan, during which he studied at the University of Nagasaki for one year and at the University of Osaka for one and a half year.

During the time Rene lived in Japan, speaking, writing and reading Japanese has not only become second nature but he also immersed himself in Japanese culture and civilization. In that period he also taught English in Japanese to students and had many different jobs in Japan.

During and after his studies he enthusiastically finished many different freelance interpreting, guiding and translation projects and because of those rewarding experiences came up with the idea to start Moshi Moshi.

Once Moshi Moshi had become reality, Rene mostly focused on interpreting and has more than once acted as coordinator for Japanese parties with projects in the Netherlands. He can not only provide professional and high-quality interpreting services in many areas, but he also ensures that the cooperation and communication of both parties he interprets for is a pleasant experience.

You can contact Rene directly by email rene@japanesetranslations.eu.

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Rieks Warendorp Torringa, MA, LL. M. is co-founder of Moshi Moshi. He has managed Moshi Moshi alone until 1 March 2010; on that date, the management was transferred to René. Eventually, Rieks has been involved in Moshi Moshi until 1 January, 2014. Rieks currently works as a lawyer, at the moment at In 't Veen Advocaten in Alphen aan den Rijn. Because this work was hard to combine with working for Moshi Moshi, he left Moshi Moshi on 1 January 2014. Rieks is also the one who developed this website.

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