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Do you have skills in the area of our services and would you like to carry out assignments on a freelance basis? Then you can register at Moshi Moshi! On this page you will find the information you need and the application form that allows you to register. If you have the skills, please register today (without obligation)!

By filling in the application form you create your own user account. When you use your user account to log in through the website, you get access to the data you have entered. You can change these at all times. You can also specify if you no longer want to be active. Your data are of course treated confidential. Do you want to know what happens with your data? Please read our privacy policy.


Because the services we provide are very diverse we do not have any specific requirements for registration other than that you have skills that can be used in Moshi Moshi's services. In the application form on the bottom of this page we will ask quite a bit about yourself so that we can form a picture of your skills. Please do not hesitate to register even if you are still a student. We use these data to assess whether or not we offer you an assignment.

You will also find an agreement which contains the conditions that apply when you carry out an assignment for us or through us. Please read it carefully and save it on your computer if possible. You can find the conditions here at all times. You are under no obligation whatsoever if you register, so if you think that at any point in time you might want to carry out an assignment, please do not hesitate and sign up!


The earnings for carrying out an assignment for Moshi Moshi differ. They are dependent upon the kind of assignment, the agreement between Moshi Moshi and the client and the agreement between Moshi Moshi and you.


By registering, you will be entered into our database. When we get an assignment we will, if necessary in consultation with the client, select candidates who we will offer the assignment. In case you are interested we discuss reimbursement and any additional conditions with you and if an agreement with the client and with you is reached, the assignment will be outsourced to you.

If you carry out an assignment for a client through Moshi Moshi, Moshi Moshi acts as an intermediary. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, preparations, mediation and the financial side as well as the administrative side will be handled by Moshi Moshi.

Finally we want to note that a large portion of the assignments coming in will be carried out by us or by regular contractors. In case you have registered with us and have not heard from us in a while, that therefore does not mean that no assignments are coming in, or worse, that we have forgotten about you.


By signing up you create a user account. When you use your user account to log in on our website, you can access and when needed change your personal data. We recommend that you check your data from time to time to see if changes in your situation have occurred. On the contractor part of the website you can also deactivate your account in case you (temporarily) do not want to be approached anymore for Moshi Moshi assignments.

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