Other services

Providing translations, interpreting and localization are our core activities. But we do not stop at that. You can approach us for anything you think our knowledge and expertise might be helpful or indispensible for.

Below we show a couple of examples of services for which you can approach us, but which may not necessarily fall under our core activities and services. These are just examples; please remember that you can always contact us if you think you could maybe use our help.

Classes and tutoring

We can also provide courses in Japanese language (or Dutch or English for Japanese people). A distinction is made between group courses and private lessons. Private lessons are, as is to be expected, more expensive, but completely tailored for your needs. In case you want to have private lessons, please contact us directly. Group courses can only be offered when there is sufficient demand. In case you are interested, please leave your name through this form. We will inform you as soon as there is enough demand.

Of course the content of the class is discussed with the participants. The possibilities are infinite; you can choose just conversation or texts or a combination of both. The level is also discussed of course.

You can also request our help with tutoring. When you study elsewhere or follow a Japanese language course and need tutoring or more in-depth classes you can contact us as well.

Guided tours

Are you going on holiday or a business trip to Japan? Or is a Japanese delegation coming to the Netherlands? Maybe you would to have a guide on hand who is proficient in both languages and has sufficient knowledge of the country he is guiding in. The guide can also act as a coordinator when needed, which means that apart from the guiding itself he can also arrange all sorts of things. You can think about travel itineraries and hotel reservations. Most of our guides can also drive a car and are able to chauffeur when needed.

Projects and research

A Japan expert is not only an expert in Japanese language, but also has an academic background. It might be that you want to utilize these academic skills on Japan for a project or research. Maybe you want to launch a product in Japan or import Japanese goods, or maybe you are looking for a solution to a problem. It can also be that you want to get a certain strategy evaluated. Or maybe you would like research to be done on a certain subject and/or make it into a scientific article. You can always approach Moshi Moshi with requests like these.

Your name in Japanese

Have you always wanted to know what your name in Japanese might be? Or do you want your name in Japanese for a certain purpose, such as for a tattoo or a t-shirt design? Then you can use our name translation service. Non-Japanese names are usually always written in the somewhat simple katakana script. Even though you might find it prettier to see your name written in beautiful kanji (Chinese characters), this is much more unusual. Regardless of this we can of course arrange this for you. Please read more about the different scripts in our explanation of Japanese language.

We will of course meet specific requirements in terms of execution (font, size, color, etc.).

If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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