On this page we put a number of links that might interest you; both links to websites with information about Japan and Japanese and links to link exchange partners and related institutions.

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Websites about Japan

Asahi Shinbun

English language version of Japanese newspaper Asahi Shinbun

Japanese Society and Culture

Website about Japanese culture and society

Japan Times

English language version of Japanese newspaper Japan Times

Kids Web Japan

Website for kids with information about Japan

Yomiuri Shinbun

English language version of Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun

Websites related to Japan


For the conversion of (e.g.) Japanese dates (Japanese website)

Kotowaza Jiten

Proverb dictionary Japanese-Dutch-English


Netherlands Association for Japan Studies


Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis in Leiden

Leiden University

Japanese Studies at Leiden University


Project Melancholia

Hobby translation project from, among others, Moshi Moshi partners

Twisted Reality

Webdesigner Twisted Reality


Moshi Moshi on Twitter

Moshi Moshi Japanese translations and interpreters