If you are looking for a Japanese language interpreter, you have come to the right place. Our interpreters can interpret in Japanese-English, Japanese-Dutch and vice versa, but other language pairs are available on request. Of course our interpreters do not only deliver on quality, but are also social and representative no matter what task you need them for. In case you desire so, they can do more than just interpret.

Our interpreters are available for any occasion imaginable. Form and content do not matter - if you are looking for a Japanese language interpreter you have come to the right place.

Below you can find a selection of possibilities.

Business opportunities

We are often asked to interpret at business opportunities. There are many different collaborations between Japan and the Netherlands and representatives of collaborating partners are not always well versed in each other's language. An interpreter is an ideal solution in this situation. Not only can the interpreter translate what is being said into both parties' mother's tongues, but he or she can also do this in the manner in which whoever is translated for is familiar with. Think for instance about formalities and courtesies, but also sometimes more lighthearted things to create and retain the desired atmosphere.

When talking about business opportunities you can think about business meetings, phone calls, workshops, seminars, negotiations, presentations and guided tours, but it does not stop at that. We, for instance, also have experience interpreting at TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) consultations and audits. You can find more information about TPM here.

When you think an interpreter might be useful, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Official occasions

For official occasions an interpreter can sometimes be useful, but other times indispensible. If, for instance, you marry a Japanese person, having an interpreter at the wedding can be helpful. It can also be useful during court proceedings to request the aid of an interpreter to translate for a party, witness or suspect. An interpreter is indispensible when it comes to official business at the notary in case one of the parties cannot speak Dutch. When you want to execute a sale or mortgage agreement for a house or a will or prenuptial agreement in front of a notary, having an interpreter present is mandatory.

Informal occasions

Our interpreters cannot only be hired for business or official occasions. They can also be used for informal occasions. Think for instance about interpreting for the media (interviews for a newspaper or magazine or subtitling television programs or news items), but also private matters, such as a personal meeting, a dinner, a guided tour through the city or a museum, or a phone call.

Coordination and other activities

An interpreter can of course do more than just interpret. Our interpreters often coordinate as well, meaning they, apart from interpreting, also conduct field research and arrange all sorts of things, for example when a Japanese delegation comes to the Netherlands. Many of our interpreters can also chauffeur or have such knowledge of the Netherlands and Japan that they can also offer guided tours. Finally our interpreters have a vast knowledge of Japanese culture and customs which may also benefit you. So if you are looking for an interpreter who does more than just translate, please do not hesitate to request our services.

If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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