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To optimize Moshi Moshi's service as much as possible, it is important to know what our clients think about our services. If we have carried out an assignment for you, we would therefore appreciate it if you would give us your opinion through the form on this page.

Of course clients often tell us during or immediately after the assignment how they experienced our service. We do, however, believe it is important to give you the opportunity to give us your honest feedback and to store it. Do you want to know how we treat the data you give us? Please read our privacy policy.

Explanation feedback form

Below you will find our feedback form through which you can give us your opinion. Below you will find a short explanation of the various input fields.

  • Name client: write down the name of the person in whose name we carried out the assignment. In case of a business, please enter the company's name. In case we carried out an assignment for you personally, please write down your own name.
  • Email address: enter your email address, or that of another contact person within your organization.
  • Invoice reference: enter the invoice reference of the service you give feedback about. In case you want to give your opinion about our service in general, entering one invoice reference is enough. In case you do not have an invoice reference (anymore) you can leave the field blank.
  • URL website: here you can enter a link to your own or your company's website.
  • Your rating: here you can rate our service.
  • Feedback for publication: in case you do not mind us publishing your feedback on our website (under customers about us), you can enter your feedback here as it would be published.
  • Feedback for internal use: if you would rather not see your feedback published on our website, you can give your explanation about your rating here. This information will only be used internally.
  • Include company name and feedback as reference: please click this if you do not mind us publishing your company name and/or feedback on the website (under customers about us). In case you have not given us feedback for publication, only the company name and possibly the rating will be used, otherwise feedback will be used for publication.
  • Link exchange: if you click yes, we will add the link to your own or your company's website on our page with links. We do kindly ask you to return a link back to our website on yours.

Publication or internal use

As you can see, you can also decide to give your opinion to just us. We would, however, greatly appreciate it if we can also publish your opinion on our website. Of course we also, unless you do not wish so, include a link to your website along with your feedback.

Not all feedback will be published. We will internally make a selection of feedback to be published on the website. We hope you will trust us that this selection is not just based on the opinion given. Finally it may be possible that we translate your feedback for publication on a Moshi Moshi website in a different language, or that we slightly change your feedback for better publication without changing the content.

The rating you give will not be included in our average rating immediately. This is because spambots or visitors who never requested our services might have given a rating which could skew the ratings.

Please fill out the form below to give us your opinion.

Feedback form

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