Customers about Moshi Moshi

You can of course take our word when we say that we provide good and meticulous services, but perhaps you would rather hear the opinion of people or companies who actually requested our services.

That is why we give our customers the opportunity to tell us what they think about our services so that we can publish it on our website. Of course not all customers do this, as it is in no way mandatory to give an opinion via our website.

Average rating

We ask every client to rate the service they want to voice an opinion about with a score from 1 (very bad) to 10 (perfect). Only whole grades can be used, one can give a 7 or 8, but no 7.5. Of course grading is a simplistic way to judge something, and therefore we ask for more than just that. It can, however, still give an indication of what this particular customer thought about our services.

Customer feedback

Below you can find the feedback some of our clients have given us. This is optional: not all customers who give us their opinion give us permission to publish their feedback. Just to be clear it should be noted that we never change the content of the feedback, but we do sometimes correct possible typing errors. It might also be the case that the feedback has been translated from a different language. Of all feedback given only a selection is shown here.

The new website with the possibility to give feedback has only just been put online. As a result, there is not a lot of feedback yet. On the old website a start was made with this function. That explains the perhaps somewhat dated feedback.

Some customers and their orders

Maybe you find it interesting to know for what kind of customers we carried out orders, which is why below you will find a small selection of clients and the type of assignment we carried out for them. This is, of course, only a selection and therefore does not give an exhaustive picture of our services.

Firstly a pick of the translations for business customers we have made. For the public broadcasters (NOS and TROS among others) we subtitled different program items. For publishing company Glénat Benelux we made Dutch translations of Japanese manga (Rurouni Kenshin and Houshin Engi among others). For Japanese company Monolith and Dutch law office Stibbe among others, we have made certified and regular translations of business and financial reports. We assisted Gemeente Amstelveen with the translation of poems from Japanese into Dutch for an exhibition in the Keizer Karel Galerie. We also translated different manuals, for instance manuals for technical equipment from Nihot for Japanese companies.

We also did interpreting jobs for many business clients. We interpreted for example at negotiations by the company Alta Genetics and at an audit of Biotronik. The originally Japanese TPM (total productive maintenance) is also more and more often used by Dutch companies. We also interpreted during the advising and guidance on this subject by Japanese delegations, specifically with the company Royal Cosun. We also interpreted for Japanese television crews at sporting events, such as World Cup football 2010 and the Women's World Cup of Golf in 2006. Furthermore, we interpreted for different notaries (for example Hobbelink & Buitink) at the execution of acts.

Because of the privacy of clients who privately request our services we cannot name our personal customers. For them we have completed various services, ranging from the translation of someone's name into Japanese to providing a certified translation of marriage or birth certificate; from the translation of poems to the translation of patents, and from interpreting during private talks to the translation of (parts of) websites.

Moshi Moshi Japanese translations and interpreters